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Welcome to Ethereal Animal Healing! A place where the heart and hands are tools used for the over all well-being of our companion animals. Ethereal Animal Healing provides Reiki Healing, Crystal Therapy, Massage Therapy for animals* and Flower Essence Therapy in order to assist your animal with a healthier state of being.  Ethereal Animal Healing caters to the graceful geriatric animal, animals that are experiencing “dis-ease” and animals that are moving towards their transitional phase in life. Together with Holistic or Modern Medicine, a sphere of healing and equilibrium is created! Ethereal Animal Healing is also a grateful provider of healing for active/retired law enforcement or military  animals and agility professionals!

Ethereal Animal Healing assists human companions to reconnect to their natural being. As humans, we have place naturalness in the background of our lives which has created an internal imbalance. “Naturalness” expresses a child-like essence with the wisdom of the ones who came before us, bringing one in alignment with the feminine and masculine energies! An Ethereal Animal Healing session allows oneself to consciously strengthen who you are and who you are meant to be by assisting in connecting you to your “Soul’s Animal Guide”. Our Soul’s Animal Guide navigates each and everyone of us through the many endeavors one experiences during their lifetime. Soul Animal Guides are remover of obstacles, the protector, the teacher, the inner reflector, the contemplator, the challenger, the trickster, friend etc. The list is infinite! Through the art of dance, creativity, guided meditation, yoga, walks in nature , Reiki ,sound/ flower/crystal healing, playshops and retreats…the path to your Soul’s Animal Guide will be strengthened. That is when the real fun begins! It is time to return within and embrace your “Wild” potentiality!

“We send thanks to all the Animal life in the world. They have many things to teach us as people. We are glad they are still here and we hope it will always be so.”

-Excerpt from the Thanksgiving Address, Mohawk version

*States that allow animal massage by a certified therapist*