Ethereal Animal Healing- "Equilibrium" I really enjoy watching the Mountain Goat as it uses its incredible ability to balance itself upon the mountain top! This type of balance is one that I work everyday to be the "Warrioress Woman"! Achieving the balance of Intelligence, Courage, Sensuality, Humor, Integrity, Fierceness, Grace, Inner-Strength and over all "Naturalness" is vital to our nature!

To all my sisters of all ages, ethnic and spiritual background... continue to love who you are and represent your Inner-Balance! I used animal philosophy/medicine to help me share what I have learned from the animals into human terminology. This is "one" of my gifts! The more you learn to step into your power, speak your truth, tap into your abilities and grow... you will be challenged. This is not a bad thing... these challenges are ways to strengthen who you are! There are those who know that I am a Unique woman/healer and there are those who see my as Trouble with a capital "T"..lol Both are true nouns describing my mortal attributes. But what it really comes down to is "how do I see myself?". When I look at myself, I see teacher,inner & outer natural beauty,organic, strength, joy, perseverance, intelligence, sassy, healer, creative and fierce. It took some time to achieve this view of self, but bottom line.. it is achieved.

I am here to walk with my sisters to help them remember their wonderful abilities! When you begin "Remembering", then you will remember who I am and the mission that we are to carry out ! My name is Philsha and I am a healer who was taught by the animals! Create balance within that reverberates throughout that Universe!


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