Ethereal Animal Healing- "Sacredness"

"Sacredness"...A precious word that I meditate on daily. When there is something, someone or someplace that is sacred to you... gratitude must be expressed because that in which you find to be sacred is where you find peace❤ The Swan is a wonderful representation of sacredness. The Swan chooses the union of that special mate for life. They have found peace & grace in their sacred union. Their offspring will become the physical manifestation of their sacredness🌸 Rediscover what is sacred to you . Breathe it into every aspect of your cellular being. Turn to it when imbalance comes forth. Sacredness takes many forms and attributes. What I find to be sacred is the primal and free nature of all beings. This sacredness cannot and will not be contained or conformed to imitate the masses. For It is nebulous in nature and is constantly evolving 👍


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