"Support & Perseverance"

Ethereal Animal Healing - "Support & Perseverance"

When my eyes look upon a pride of lionesses and their unique ability to support one another is definitely something to behold as a woman! They support each in raising the young, in the hunt and in play. This kind of support brings strength , courage and at times peace between these sacred lionesses❤ I was able to experience the essence of the lioness on 1.3.2016. Three women went out to reach the top of a pretty intense mountain.

There were times when I needed to sit and rest ( which was quite often I might add lol), but these women did not judge & encouraged me to rest. There was a point where my " mind" decided that it wanted to stay behind and meditate, while they continued up the mountain. While sitting there, something inside of me encouraged me to continue on❤ I could see the top of the mountain from where I was sitting. I have come so far and the top is just over yonder! I continued to walk on. The other women were heading down, but when they saw that I was making my way up to the top.. They accompanied me back up the steep mountain😇 we made it to the top with laughter, determination, motivation, perseverance and support! This goes to show how important and necessary it is to have a genuine support system, especially for women! This one is for all the Superwomen our there❤


" When life gives you obstacles, you must summon the courage and walk on" - Bruce Lee

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