Butterfly Medicine- "Transmutation"

The butterflies have come out to play! I delight in watching them flutter from one space to the next. They effortlessly ride the gentle breezes that carries them. It was an honor to experience a healing session with a temporarily injured Swallow Tail a couple of years back.

The healing I received from that healing session was the "Art of Transmutation!" When there is a "disturbance in the force", I partake in Butterfly Medicine. During the caterpillar phase, I read uplifting/spiritual material such as Queen Maya Angelou or African Spirituality to feed my Soul. During the chyrsalis phase, I rest, disconnect from all types of distractions and connect to the inner well of wisdom. Once I emerge from my cocoon, I have transformed that disturbance into inner peace. Thanks to Butterfly Medicine! When I take time to observe Nature with all her beauty, splendor, wisdom & lessons...all I do is express my gratitude for such sweet abundance!


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