Awareness vs Illusion

I truly admire a seed that is aware of its Divine purpose. It is placed where it is completely surrounded by darkness. It has weight pressing against it. Liquid nourishment reaches it and things begin to happen! It pushes through what may appear as chaos and yet.. it pushes on. Finally there is a breakthrough and light now nourishes it to higher heights. It's all about balance & awareness. I had a gentleman ask me " Philsha... you are always smiling,talk uplifting talk and see the positive in most things. Are you not aware of what's going on around you in the world with all this chaos?" I said to this young man, " I am aware of what is going on. I choose to live in a world where I can see the beauty in the chaos. I continue to do things that I enjoy doing, I laugh, sing,cook,travel and play. I am letting go and becoming aware of the things I must change within myself to create  inner peace so that there is outer peace." He then laughed and said "you must be living in some kind of hippie new age  illusion." I laughed too and told him, 

I replied "The only way there will be real peace on this planet is when each and every human being heals their inner hurt, anger, prejudice, greed, envy, hatred, etc. Once each and every human being does this kind of inner healing work... then we would have the world peace so many are asking for. Therefore...I work on myself to be the link in that strong chain. As I slowly walked away.. I turned and asked with a smile on my face "So who is the one who is really living in an illusion?"


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