One Love!

As long as I can remember... I have always felt a deep connection with animals❤️They were a part & continue to be a part of my healing process. I have learned so much from them! 🐢 The Tortoise taught me to slow down & savor my journey 🦅 The Eagle taught me to rise above certain situations & to observe from a higher perspective 🐬 The Dolphin taught me to be more playful 🦋 The Butterfly taught me that change is inevitable 🐴The Horse taught me how to balance Power & Grace

I share this with the human family who overstands the healing one experiences by connecting to animals! I truly do not know where I would be if I did not have so many beautiful Furry, Feathered & Scaled Ones come into my life❤️ I am more open to learning from them than I am from most Humans😂


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