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Thank you so much for the beautiful playshop!  I thoroughly enjoyed it!!  You are a beautiful spirit doing such positive work! Thank you for sharing!

Debbie xoxo

My Dear Philsha, I just want to tell you again what a wonderful fun, playful, uplifting, loving and informative workshop you gave me today. I loved the fact that you gave us permission to move to relax, to enjoy every moment with you. Your music was superb and your words were absolutely truth and love. Thank you. Sending you Love and Blessings,


We have two dogs with special needs. Both adopted from Humane Societies, their lives had been difficult. Because of the unique aspects of their personalities we turned to Philsha for care, compassion and intuitive understanding. There is no one else we trust more than Philsha. Her ability to connect with both Toby and BeeBee is magical and truly a gift of divine energy. Philsha has become part of our family and for that we are forever grateful! She brings out the best in both dogs and they adore her. We rest easy knowing that Philsha understands and connects with them so deeply.

Lauren and Tim R.


Philsha is absolutely wonderful at what she does! We have been using her services for both our dog & cats for the past 5 years since we moved to Sedona. She is very reliable and always can accommodate us on the dates we need her services. She provides the pets with everything they need, lots of attention and love as well :-) My older cat had to receive subcutaneous fluids each day for the last 6 years of her life and Philsha had no problem giving those to her when we were away. When it was time last November to put Sparkle to sleep, Philsha came the evening before and did a special ceremony to honor her in her transition. She provides great care at very reasonable prices and truly loves the animals. I recommend her highly!

Tami S.

During the session with Philsha, I saw Tyrone go through levels of healing. His very loving heart, at first, was constrained by his fears. As the session continues, his fears began to melt, and his tension reduced. When Tyrone began to roll over on his back and offer Philsha his chest, I was so moved. Tyrone , Wolf Warrior, has found more courage to LOVE. I am so blessed to have Philsha be an integral part of the healing of his heart!

Sarah H.

We invited Philsha into our home to conduct a family healing circle with our pets and us. Philsha is an excellent facilitator for healing with a warm and engaging approach. Our pets are very comfortable with Philsha and being in our own familiar space was reassuring to them. The session took place outside on our sunny back patio with gentle breezes and birdsong in the background. A perfect setting for our healing session. Our session began with Philsha doing individual healing and opening of my spouse and myself. Her approach is to involve each of us as healers in a team effort so that we can continue to give daily healing to our pets on our own. We worked with our two dogs first and gained insight into how Molly was absorbing too much of Ron's own health issues in order to ease his burden. We were able to thank her and release her burden, as well as better understand our other dog's age related behaviors. Next, we shifted our focus to the health issues of two of our senior cats. Both cats were open and receptive. Throughout the healing session, both cats were moving about, interacting with us and each other, as they processed the healing they received. It was a sweet! 



Cleora Scott

Om shanti shanti shanti

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