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Ethereal Animal Healing        


There is a very important question to ask pet owners. What are your plans for your animal companion or companions if something unforeseen were to happen to you? With whom would you trust to take care of your companion animal when you are no longer able to? I know that this is a sad & frightening thought, but it is a truth seeking question. I have witnessed this type of scenario & it has broken my heart many times. I have seen animals placed in an animal shelter or worse case scenario...euthanized because there was no one to care for that animal once the owner passed away.

This has moved me to creating a sanctuary for animals confronted with this situation. It shall be called:



ethereal animal healing sanctuary

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Owners can create a pet trust that will ensure that their animal companion or companions will be cared for when you are no longer able to. You can check your pet trust law by your state of residence here
donations to help bring this dream into fruition are made through paypal to: 

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