About Us

Ethereal Animal Healing caters to the graceful geriatric animals  that are moving towards their transitional phase in life

Ethereal Animal Healing provides Reiki HealingCrystal Therapy, Massage Therapy for animals* and Flower Essence Therapy in order to assist your animal with a balanced state of being.


Ethereal Animal


Philsha is a "Ethereal Doula" for animals preparing to leave this physical realm & entering into the ethereal realm. Reiki Practitioner, Natural Remedies Advocate* & Teacher of Animal Healing. While living in Sedona, she has become a Reiki Master, earned Certification in "Natural Health Care for Animals" which includes: Animal Massage .

Philsha has obtained a Bachelor's of Science in Veterinary Technology in 2008.  She continues to offer her skills  in animal hospitals and  non-profit organizations such as "Four Directions Pet Coalition" that offer free or low cost care for animals.


"Being a service to animals has provided insight that as we create balance with our animal companions...we create inner balance within ourselves!"

Philsha presently teaches human companions the natural ways of allowing an open connection to their power animal through Ethereal Animal Alignment. She has witnessed profound inner transformations when an individual connects with their power animal. Through various techniques & healing tools, Some have discovered that their ability  to communicate with animals were enhanced. Philsha creates a fun environment for those who are ready to tap into their wild side!