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                                                                                   Class begins on May 22.2016


Welcome animal lovers, healers and friends!


Your love for animals is greatly valued, appreciated and necessary throughout the world. Animals are barking, meowing, chirping, hissing for the courageous step that you are embarking on in order to bring healing to yourself as well as bringing healing to our furry, feathered and scaly companions!


Upon completion of the Ethereal Animal Healing Practitioner program, you will receive certification of completion in the “Art of Animal Energy Healing“. Animals are highly sensitive to energy patterns and are readily open to receiving/giving healing energy. There are 4 lessons within the program and it will take one month to complete. The program runs in 12 cycles per year and is only opened to 13 animal healers per month. This is to ensure that Ethereal Animal Healer Philsha is able to  connect to each animal healer by phone or e-mail personally after each lesson to discuss findings, add more information, answer any questions and share experiences. Please contact Philsha by phone or e-mail to inquire about space availability. Each lesson will be e-mailed weekly. The investment for this course is $200 and is due before learning cycle begins. 


                                                                                       Animal Healing Outline


  • Ways to lighten the mind and body to allow energy to flow smoothly

  • Techniques and tools on how to apply energy healing to yourself as well as to the animals

  • Techniques in animal communication by activating  the Ethereal Throat Chakra

  • Keys to becoming aware of animals initiating you into their energy fields


Animal healing involves a lifetime of learning, teaching, training and self-healing. The beauty of it all is the healing of animals  will keep the spark within vibrant ! Keep your heart & mind open . You will be drawn to people and experiences that will assist in your healing. Be patient, easy on yourself and trust that every experience in your life creates a truly gifted and constantly evolving Animal Healer!



As an added bonus, all healers that complete the Ethereal Animal Healing Certification receive 20% off all Sessions, Playshops and Retreats! 


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