It is an honor to present the "ethereal womb man" playshop October 8, 2017 from 10am-11am! This is where the Modern day wombman can gather in a sacred space &  engage in movement meditation. movement meditation opens space for the Ethereal wombman to connect to the elements, release stagnant energy, raise her cellular vibrations & rejuvenate her very essence! 
We shall move with the elements of earth, air, Fire & water as we embark on this invigorating/eccentric experience! This Ethereal Wombman playshop will be held at the sedona zen den. Please wear loose fitting & comfortable attire. Drinking water will be provided. 
Space is limited to 7-10 sisters, so Please click here to reserve your space. This Playshop is $20.
Thank you for being who you are & for the uniqueness your bring wherever you go!

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